Good morning from Gorepani…
Dép Lào Viết

Good morning from Gorepani…

April, 2017.

This scene melted my heart. For its lovely, lonely, freezing, warm and peace. Just like something has broken, something has born.

Might be fear has broken, courage has born.

I came all the way here with a heavy heart and lots of problems. I walked thousands steps just to seek for change. And I got it. Change. I promise the next time I’d back, I would get rid of all my old troubles, be completely different, and be ready. To get my new goal, I’ve got to crush all of my physical and mental barriers. It’s still crazy and stupid somehow, but I have been so stupid for such a long time.

I promised the next time, no matter what destination, it would be a one way ticket. I would no longer dream it, I would live it. Just be free like a bird spreading wings in the sky.

One year later. June, 2018. Updated.

I’m planning for a big project named “1500 days around the world”.

It’s super challenging, but I’m closer to who I always want to be: Being free like a bird spreading wings in the sky.

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